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Sector: Utilities Industry: Electric Utilities
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Beta is one of the most popular indicators of risk is a statistical measure. Analysts use this measure often when they need to determine a stock's risk profile.


Shares outstanding refer to a company's stock currently held by all its shareholders, including share blocks held by institutional investors and restricted shares owned by the company’s insiders.


Year to date (YTD) refers to the period of time beginning the first day of the current calendar year or fiscal year up to the current date. he acronym often modifies concepts such as investment returns and price change.

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A company's debt ratio, which indicates how long the company will need to run on cash flow in the past 12 months to pay off its own debt.

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About company

Fortis Inc. operates as an electric and gas utility company in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean countries. It generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to approximately 433,000 retail customers in southeastern Arizona; and 98,000 retail customers in Arizona's Mohave and Santa Cruz counties with an aggregate capacity of 3,233 megawatts (MW), including 59 MW of solar capacity. The company also sells wholesale electricity to other entities in the western United States; owns gas-fired and hydroelectric generating capacity totaling 65 MW; and distributes natural gas to approximately 1,048,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in British Columbia, Canada. In addition, it owns and operates the electricity distribution system that serves approximately 572,000 customers in southern and central Alberta; owns 4 hydroelectric generating facilities with a combined capacity of 225 MW; and provides operation, maintenance, and management services to five hydroelectric generating facilities. Further, the company distributes electricity in the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador with an installed generating capacity of 143 MW; and on Prince Edward Island with a generating capacity of 130 MW. Additionally, it provides integrated electric utility service to approximately 67,000 customers in Ontario; approximately 270,000 customers in Newfoundland and Labrador; approximately 31,000 customers on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; and approximately 15,000 customers on certain islands in Turks and Caicos. The company also holds long-term contracted generation assets in Belize consisting of 3 hydroelectric generating facilities with a combined capacity of 51 MW; and the Aitken Creek natural gas storage facility. It also owns and operates approximately 91,000 circuit Kilometers (km) of distribution lines; and approximately 49,500 km of natural gas pipelines. Fortis Inc. was founded in 1885 and is headquartered in St. John's, Canada.
Fortis Place, Saint John's, NF, Canada, A1E 0E4
Company name:
Issuer ticker: FTS
ISIN: CA3495531079
Country: USA
Exchange: ACRA
Currency: $
IPO date: 2016-01-04
Sector: Utilities
Industry: Electric Utilities

On which stock exchange are (FTS) stocks traded?

(FTS) stocks are traded on ACRA.

What is the ticker of stocks (FTS)?

The stock ticker of ’s stocks or in other words, the code is FTS. The stocks are currently listed on the ACRA exchange.

In which sector and industry does (FTS) operate?

According to the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) classification developed jointly by MSCI and Standard & Poor's, (FTS) belongs to the «Utilities» sector and the «Electric Utilities» industry.

In what currency are (FTS) stocks traded?

(FTS) stocks are traded on the ACRA exchange in dollars.

What is the price of (FTS) stocks today?

The current price of stocks on 13.04.2024 is dollars. per share.

What is the dynamics of (FTS) stocks from the beginning of the year?

(FTS) quotes have increased by 0% from the beginning of the year up to dollars. per 1 stocks.

How much did (FTS) stocks increase in апреле 2024?

This month (FTS) quotes have increased by 0% to dollars. per share.

How much are (FTS) stocks worth?

Today, on October, 13.04.2024 ’s (FTS) stocks cost dollars..

What is the market capitalization of (FTS)?

Capitalization is the market value of (FTS) is calculated as the number of issued stocks multiplied on the current quotation price. Thus, on 13.04.2024, the market capitalization of (FTS) is estimated at about 21782609948 dollars.