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Now or later, when you are a pensioner, for accumulating or spending – you easily find dividend stocks with the help of Finrage. The service helps:
  • Immediately understand, how much and how often you’ll get money
  • See, how long the company pays dividends and what is the dynamics
  • Compare profitability and dividends stability index of different companies
Free to use
If you don’t want to waste your time staring at your monitor, our algorithm will do the main work instead of you. Use stock screener in order to:
  • Compare companies with the help of 150+ financial multipliers, we demonstrate everything visually in understandable charts
  • Create or save own search strategy and spend less time in defining promising companies
  • From thousands of stocks choose 10 of them that are appropriate to your purposes
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If you are scared by numbers and tables, if you believe that investments are too complicated, please note
  • Multipliers and ratios can be trace at ready charts
  • There’s a variety of filters and sections to analyze profit, debt load, other company parameter
  • You can use ready samples for analysis and edit them as it’s necessary for you
How it looks
You can follow important events on stock market – we publish actual information in special calendars so that:
  • You’ll know when to buy stocks and receive dividends with profit
  • Learn when a company publish financial reports
  • Tune filters for tracing only companies and spheres you are interested in
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Finrange is an intuitive service available to everybody
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All tools are available free of charge – you only need to register.
Get access to Finrange rate and extended set of tools 7 days free.
We do not ask the data of your bank card – you decide whether you need advanced subscription or the information in free account will be enough.

What is a Finrange rate

10 year experience of Finrage specialists helped to create artificial intelligence that can analyze everyday reports and events from companies, their s tocks by 100+ parameters, compare them to each other and immediately fix changes. Each stock has its own rate, defined by artificial intelligence. That will help you to make decisions, buy, hold or sell the stocks.

Thousands of people are already earning money with Finrange
Eugene Strelka Private investor
“ Finrange has a fresh intuitive design. The team of Finrange consists of professionals that acts in investment sphere for years. Everything is definite and concrete. Thanks for the creators for a very useful resource. Fundamental overviews are organized in modern graphic format. You can easily analyze the company by valuation ratios and key metrics. And then – you are ready to make the right decision.“
Alex Topilin Private investor
“ It’s a good screener with the comparison of companies within one sphere. You compare financial ratios, key metrics and analyze properly all parameters you need. I’d like to stress your attention at the page Growth with the data for the last 5, 10 years. You can watch the metrics and see the description of company, its specialization, news, events and rate the company learning the charts.“
Alexander Emelyanov Private investor
“ I was lucky to work with a full version of Finrange lately. It’s something incredible. Unlikely most of foreign resources design of website is very understandable and comfortable selection of stocks by filters. Here are much additional and very significant information about companies. The main advantage – it’s a Russian language resource. I’m glad that such useful product appears and is available to everybody.“
Nikolay Medvedev Private investor
“ I wand to give my feedback to Finrange as it’s a first time in my life when I decided to buy “PRO”. New tape and Investor’s Calendar are my favorite pages and I always stay informed about everything that happens in market. I often use Express Analysis of my companies with the help of screener. It must be mentioned that in a card of company there are lots of graphical information and that’s great as it makes the analysis engaging without complicated tales and big numbers. Thanks for smart assistance everybody from Finrange team.:)“
Andrey Chernov Private investor
“ Nice tools for beginners. Especially nice that the information is given in charts. I see the dynamics of financials and dividends, watch the Growth of income or debts, profit margin and many other important ratios. I’m sure that this service is to be at the dispose of every starting investor. I recommend.“
Ilya Anisimov Private investor
“ Very comfortable resource with many useful data and the opportunity to filter companies by some metrics. The company card contains what is in need for proper analysis. I use to watch the reports about dividends. It’s a really full information about dividends, the history of payments, how long and how profitable are the dividends of my companies.“
Search stocks all over the world
Follow popular, find little-known stocks – we’ll help to find real investment treasures. Add stocks to ”Favorites”, watch their profitability without risks and make the right decision.


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