What is a stock screener?

It’s an investor’s tool to help in making right investment decisions. A screener can choose definite companies from thousands of stocks presented in stock market according to given parameters.

The main decision is made by investor but screener make it easier to find and analyze data.

What is a screener for?

Each of investors create his own strategy as there’s no distinct methods to succeed. You of your own define the most significant direction (income from sales, dividend etc.), and screener find the most appropriate companies.

The selection is made by every given parameter separately. It’s especially useful for investors intending to diversify portfolio.

What is the content of screener?

Users can construct any of screeners according to their need. You can try one of prepared suggestions:

  • Overview — main information about companies;
  • Valuation – search for undervalued companies;
  • Profitability — rating of effective companies with competitive advantage;
  • Debts — companies with the lowest debt load;
  • Liquidity – valuation of solvency;
  • Turnover – valuation of growth and profit margin;
  • Cash Flow – to see the companies with the highest profit;
  • Growth – to switch filters by the rate of profit growth;
  • LTM — all data of companies for the last 12 months (to value trends);
  • Dividends – to value companies by the size of dividends for shareholders.

Why is it necessary to work with Finrange screener?

Simple use and wide scope – our screener does not demand much knowledge. Everything is user-friendly, 150 different metrics let you choose appropriate for investments companies.

Russian language version - our service can be used by non-speaking English investors.

Your own constructor – you can collect all parameters that you need according to your trading strategy.