What is an Event Calendar?

In one place we gather all corporate events in Russian and American public companies. You always have the access to this schedule.

Why does investor need Event Calendar?

Most of events that take place in companies have a direct influence on stock price. If the investor now about coming event, he has an advantage to prepare to it – buy or sell part of stocks in portfolio.

What events are now mentioned in Events Calendar?

  • Financial results of companies;
  • Productive and operating results;
  • The last day for buying stocks for dividends;
  • BoD meeting;
  • Meeting of shareholders’;
  • Days of Investors or Analyst’s Days.

Why is it necessary to use Finrange Event Calendar?

All gathered events are taken from the reliable sources and sorted by filters. You do not need to find useful reports all day long. All you need is to use Event Calendar by Finrange. Do it in two clicks.

The information is given in standard way as a calendar or in tables. Choose more comfortable variant.

If you need to value the situation in one concrete company, please, insert its ticket or the name of stocks. We show you only filtered information.