Finrange: analytical tools for investing in stocks

Finrange — service for analysis stocks by reasonable investors. We help to find profitable shares and analyze companies within several minutes.

On Finrange there are tools which help the beginners to understand current market situation. For experienced traders the service is to develop their skills and shorten time spent on learning reports and numbers.

Earlier investors had to search the company data independently, wasting time by checking and tracing financials, construct complex finance models and excel-tables. We made it easier – our users find all the necessary information in the shortest time.

Finrange — is a whole ecosystem with intuitive interface for comfort work with shares. You can trace favorite companies, create your own template for searching and analyzing stocks, leave concrete themes in news tape.

Artificial intelligence that helps to evaluate companies and rate shares – is a peculiarity of our service.

You succeeded in creating artificial intelligence and other tools as we faced the same difficulties and overcame. Finrange Team — experienced analysts and practicing investors.

We help investors to earn money without long studying. Please subscribe and get the service Finrange free.