What is a dividend calendar?

Here is all necessary information about dividends from all public companies. Everything is taken into account: size, payment period, stock dividend profit, date of closing the registry, cut-off date.

What is Dividend Calendar for?

It’s easy to make plans and prognose future income. Before dividend payments stocks in free flow are getting more expensive. Remember that before selling or buying stocks.

What is a Date of closing the Registry?

In order to get dividends investors are buying stocks. Every public company has its registry of stockholders. Before the start of payment, the date of closing the registry is defined. Departments within the company need time to organize pay-out.

If the investor is going to get dividends, he must buy stocks before the date of closing comes so that the companies can include the name of investor to the registry of shareholders.

What is a cut-off date?

On Moscow Stock Exchange trading mode is Т+2. If you buy a stock today, the right to possess it appears only in one working day after the day of buying.

Thus, you are to buy the stocks before closing taking into account the difference between work days. If the date of closing is set on Tuesday, stocks must be bought till the end of previous Friday.

When do Russian companies pay dividends?

Every company set their own rules. Usually the periods of payment are: a quarter, half-year, a year. So, dividends can be paid out one, two or four times per year.

The highest dividends occur by the end of a year.

Every year from April to August the Board of Directors adopt the size and the date of payment.

What taxes are paid from dividends?

Common income tax is 13% of dividends profit. More information about taxes for investor see here.