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  • Investor’s guide
  • Dividend Calendar
  • Personal news tape
  • Event Calendar
  • Favorite companies Only 20 stocks
  • Stock Screener Only 20 ratios
  • Company Analysis Only from history
  • Stock rating
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  • Analytics
  • Investor’s guide
  • Dividend Calendar
  • Personal news tape
  • Event Calendar
  • Favorite companies
  • Stock screener
  • Company analysis
  • Stock rating
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Basic Tariff


Tariff PRO

Stock Rating

Helps to invest in Artificial intelligence evaluates all business spheres in real time and rates the stocks as “Sell” or “Buy”.

Dividend Calendar

Informs about coming dividends for Russian or foreign stocks. Here you can find useful data about dividends – the size, payment period, dividend profitability, important dates.

Event Calendar

Helps to be aware of corporate events concerning Russia and Americans stocks. Financial and operational reporting, the Board of Directors’ and Shareholders’ meetings, dividends.

Stock screener

Helps to choose the cheapest and the most expensive stocks with the help of 150 different ratios and metrics.

Number of ratios

Tariff PRO allows to use more than 150 financial ratios for searching new investment ideas. If you use the tariff free of charge only 20 ratios are available.

20 150
Personal stock screener

Create your own screeners, taking into account only key criteria that you need according to your strategy. Add only those multipliers that you use. Tune the order of columns, set filters and save them with your own names.

1 Unlimited
Main ratios

Only basic metrics are available. They help you to make initial choice of stocks.

Stock price dynamics

Trace the dynamics within a definite period – a day, a month, a year and from the beginning of the year. Find top share risers and top share fallers.

Performance indicators

Find underrated and expensive stocks with the help of multipliers P/E, P/BV, P/S, P/FCF, EV/EBITDA, E/P, a value of Graham’s valuation, Dupont stock valuation, Altman Z-score and others.

Profitability ratios

These ratios help to define effective companies that can compete with others.

Dividend ratios

Find the best dividend stocks using such ratios as 12-month profitability, dividend ratios, period of years in a row when a company pays dividends, stability index, dividend growth, growth dynamics and others.

Liquidity ratios

These metrics will show the companies with capacity to fulfil short-term and long-term obligations. They are used to evaluate the capacity to pay in a given company and to compare it with the rivals.

Turnover ratios

Allow to find the companies, that effectively use their own money for profitability growth. These ratios help to define who sell goods more quickly than others.

Cash Flow ratios

Find companies with enough cash flow in order to cover capital cost and use the rest of money to dividends and buyback programs.

Last 12-month ratios

Allows to trace changes in company metrics and multipliers after each quarter reporting. Ratios and multipliers are counted every day after a day session closure.

Fundamental Analysis

A complex express-analysis, we collect all data in one place: metrics, multipliers, dividends, stock prices, news.

Price chart

Trace stock prices, analyze stock charts within last 35 years period.

Corporate news

Trace stock news, be aware about all events in company.

Dividend History

Choose the most promising companies taking into account the history of dividends for the last 30 years.

Dividend Metrics

Choose dividend aristocrats and kings without someone’s help. Use for it the parameters of constant dividend payments, stability index, dynamics of growth, other dividends metrics.

Industry Analysis

Analyze and define the position of company in the industry, comparing to other company-rivals.

Financial Performances (35)

All annual ad quarter financial metrics of companies for the last 30-30 years in charts and tables that will help to understand the situation in business.

Financial metrics (69)

All financial ratios that help to analyze and evaluate the company. The data are presented in charts and tables for the last 10-30 years.

Ready analytical templates (15)

Analyze more quickly with the help of graphical templates suggested by Finrange experts. They show the way, how professionals analyze stocks.

Market review

Dashboard that helps to evaluate current state of stock market in a country.

Favorite companies

Create our own list of stocks and trace the dynamics in real time.

News feed

All news about stocks collected in one place. We use the news from respected financial media.

Personal news feed

Gather the news that can interest you, and read them regularly. Add and create your own news feed.


Insiders’ deals show the attitude to a company from the side of the top-managers and shareholders. Usually the information that the top-manager bought stocks has a positive market feedback as it’s considered as they believe in their own company.

More details about functions
Analyze more than 60 000 stocks.
Allow to choose from thousands of companies the cheapest stocks using more than 150 000 different financial ratios and metrics
  • Comparison of stocks
  • Filtering and sorting
  • +150 multipliers
  • Ready screener
  • Creation of own screeners
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All annual and quarter financial ratios, multipliers, dividends, stock pricing, news
  • Stock rating
  • Quotation chart
  • Industry analysis
  • Dividend dynamics
  • Financial performance dynamics
  • Dynamics of ratios ad multipliers
How does it look?
Trace coming and passed events that can influence on stocks charts
  • Financial Performance
  • Operating Results
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Dates of dividends
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All information about dividends, answers on the questions – who, when, how much and how often will pay you dividends
  • Size of the dividend
  • Dividend yield
  • Date of Closure of the Dividend Register
  • Period of Dividend Payment
  • Dividend Stock Rating
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“ Finrange has a fresh intuitive design. The team of Finrange consists of professionals that acts in investment sphere for years. Everything is definite and concrete. Thanks for the creators for a very useful resource. Fundamental overviews are organized in modern graphic format. You can easily analyze the company by valuation ratios and key metrics. And then – you are ready to make the right decision.“
Eugene Strelka
Private investor
“ It’s a good screener with the comparison of companies within one sphere. You compare financial ratios, key metrics and analyze properly all parameters you need. I’d like to stress your attention at the page Growth with the data for the last 5, 10 years. You can watch the metrics and see the description of company, its specialization, news, events and rate the company learning the charts.“
Alex Topilin
Private investor
“ I was lucky to work with a full version of Finrange lately. It’s something incredible. Unlikely most of foreign resources design of website is very understandable and comfortable selection of stocks by filters. Here are much additional and very significant information about companies. The main advantage – it’s a Russian language resource. I’m glad that such useful product appears and is available to everybody.“
Alexander Emelyanov
Private investor
“ I wand to give my feedback to Finrange as it’s a first time in my life when I decided to buy “PRO”. New tape and Investor’s Calendar are my favorite pages and I always stay informed about everything that happens in market. I often use Express Analysis of my companies with the help of screener. It must be mentioned that in a card of company there are lots of graphical information and that’s great as it makes the analysis engaging without complicated tales and big numbers. Thanks for smart assistance everybody from Finrange team.:)“
Nikolay Medvedev
Private investor
“ Nice tools for beginners. Especially nice that the information is given in charts. I see the dynamics of financials and dividends, watch the Growth of income or debts, profit margin and many other important ratios. I’m sure that this service is to be at the dispose of every starting investor. I recommend.“
Andrey Chernov
Private investor
“ Very comfortable resource with many useful data and the opportunity to filter companies by some metrics. The company card contains what is in need for proper analysis. I use to watch the reports about dividends. It’s a really full information about dividends, the history of payments, how long and how profitable are the dividends of my companies.“
Ilya Anisimov
Private investor
Johnson & Johnson
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