Information about using Cookies

Cookie file is an information unit that sends to your visited website. The site uses basic cookie files (sent by a web-site that you visited at certain time, f.e. located in cookies and other cookies left by a third-party domain) that is described next.

Cookie files can be stored in your computer for different period of time. Cookie files can be “session” or “permanent”. Session cookies are stored as long as a session of browser use and then they are automatically deleted after browser closing.

Permanent cookies stay after closing browser as long as they do not lose their actuality (this period is defined by a third-party that place cookie files) or until you delete them yourself. Permanent cookie files help to recognize your computer when browser is opened and when the site is visited again.

The information collected by cookie files can include the information about IP (internet-protocol), device location, type of browser, language, operation system, region, country, where the site was entered, time and date of a visit, number of links, used when you visit web-site, used functions, search requests, and loaded during your visit a web-site files.

Most of browsers accept automatically. If you want you can tune your browser so that it forbid cookie file or notify you every time when cookies are to be saved or you disclaim the request for their saving, it can occur that some section of web-site will not work or will be unstable.

Data processing is realized with the aim to improve web-site, developing service, producing requested User’s information.

Present approval works from the moment when it is given and lasts for a whole period of time of using web-site

We can change a type of a third-party provider of service that places cookie files on We also can change the information of using cookie files in any time, placing renewed version of Information of using cookies on This section will work as a notification of changes until an additional notification is sent or the approval is not required in accordance with the law.

If User disclaims data processing by metrical programs, it is regarded as informing in the need to stop using web-site