Public Offer

1. General provisions

The present Public Offer for service on a cost-recovery basis (hereinafter referred to as “Offer”) determines the order and terms for providing a Client with a paid access to analytical service, located on the official site of the Executor (hereinafter referred to as “Service).

The Offer is a public document that determines terms of the Agreement for service on a cost-recovery basis (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”), and all interested persons have the right to study it.

Spreading text of the present Offer is to be considered by any interested person as a public Offer of the Executor, addressed to individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Clients”), to conclude the Agreement on terms fixed in the Offer, by joining the Agreement in the order defined in Article 428 of Civil Code of Russian Federation ad in Item 2 of the present Offer.

Executor is obliged to provide service on terms fixed in the present Offer.

2. Conclusion of the Agreement

Client joining to the Offer means complete and unconditional consent of the Client in accordance with:

  • Client joining to the Agreement in whole without any amendments, remarks or objections;
  • Client’s consent with any documents and information located on official site of the Executor;
  • The right of the Executor to make payments automatically from Client’s bank card or PayPal account according to the chosen by Client period for service provision.
  • Choosing any buttons on the Executor’s site (such as “Register”, “Subscribe” etc.) the terms of the present Offer, as well as of other documents and rules, located on the executor’s site, are spread on the Client.

To get access to the Service a Client must register on the Executor’s official site, create account and sign the Consent to personal data processing.

The Agreement is considered as concluded from the moment of getting new account by Client.

After getting account a Client has the right to use access to Service within Tariff “Basic”.

For using paid service Client must choose Tariff PRO, with the rates specified in Item 3 of the present Offer. The Executor provides service to a Client according tariff PRO from the date of receiving payment – cost of service, on the Executor’s account.

3. Cost of service

The payment of the service cost provided by the Executor is made with Tariff PRO within a chosen period:

  • 1 (one) month 990 rubles;
  • 12 (twelve) months 6990 rubles.

The payment of the Executor service cost is made in a form of 100% (per cent) prepayment.

A client makes payment by non-cash payment on the Executor’s account.

In payment document at “Purpose of payment” there must be mentioned “Payment for getting access to analytical Service”.

Client’s obligation to pay the cost of service is considered as fulfilled from the moment when the money accounted for by the Executor’s requisites. All bank expenses for transferring money must be paid by a Client.

The executor sends to a Client a check with confirmed payment using e-mail.

The Executor’s Fee can be paid by any other third party, who acts on behalf of the Client. The parties conclude that the payment is considered as fulfilled according to Client’s consent and his assignment if the service is paid by the third party.

Client has the right to refuse from the Executor’s service prematurely. In spite of it the Client save the access to the Service until the paid period is expired.

In case of premature refuse by a Client from the Executor’s service or at early termination of the Agreement from a Client’s side received by the Executor money cannot be returned.

4. Rights and obligations of Executor

The Executor is obliged to provide the access to Service from the moment of enrolling the money in the amount of service cost to the Executor’s account.

The Executor is obliged to provide the access to the Service 24 hours a day every day including holidays and weekends except the time when preventive maintenance, repair, unscheduled, emergency works or extreme situations occur with the site as well as except the circumstances that can lead to limited access to the Service (including but not restricted by actions or inactions by the third parties, measures of state and municipal authorities, organizations and institutions as well as other circumstances when the Executor cannot interfere.

The Executor has the right to block and/or delete the account of a Client, if he provides invalid, inaccurate, not full and/or incorrect information.

The Executor has the right to block and/or delete the account of a Client in case the Client violates the current legislation, terms of the present Offer as well as in situation when the Executor receives any request, notice or any other document issued by Russian authorities in relation to a Client and/or his relatives.

The Executor has the right to provide service with the help of the third parties without preliminary consent from a Client.

5. Responsibilities of the Parties. Force majeure

The parties take responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of Russian Federation.

The parties take no responsibility for partial or complete non-fulfilment of the obligation by the Agreement, if this non-fulfilment/ incorrect fulfilment occurs as a result of circumstances of irresistible force that happen after the conclusion of the Agreement, as a result of the events that the parties cannot predict or prevent from reasonable measures (force majeure).

To such events are referred: flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, soil sedimentation, epidemics, other natural phenomena, war or military operations, strikes, emergency situations, issuing the documents by state authority that make it impossible to fulfil this Agreement.

If the above-mentioned circumstances happen, the Party that cannot fulfil the obligations under the present Agreement must notify the other Party in written form about it within 10 (ten) working days with the attached documents confirming the fact of these circumstances, issuing by state authority.

If the circumstances of irresistible force occur, the time of fulfilment of the obligations under the Agreement are prolonged for a period with duration appropriate to the duration of time while the circumstance of irresistible force lasts. The other Party has no right to demand on paying a compensation of losses.

6. The Executor informs a Client about following:

  • The intellectual property rights to information, the Service and the Executor’s site belong to the Executor.
    The Client is obliged not to do himself or not to allow other persons the following actions:
    to receive the access to the Service;
    to alter in some way the work of Service and/or the official site of the Executor;
    to use any data received from the Service and/or from the official site of the Executor for creating other database, sites and/or software;
    not to delete or change in other way the information about the Possessor (the Executor);
    not to sell, not to transfer the information to the third parties, not to use in any other way except the cases defined by the present Offer;
    not to perform other actions that violate the Executor’s rights of intellectual property.
  • The Executor provides the access to a Service for the Client exceptionally for informing.
  • The Executor does not provide the Client with individual investments recommendations according to Federal Law 39 dated from the 22th of April, 1996 “About stocks market”.
  • No information received by a Client, workers, partners and/or the authorized representatives of the Executor, including the information that the Service and/or the Executor’s site contain, can be considered as the Offer for selling, buying or performing some settlements and/or investments in relation with stocks and/or any other financial tools and cannot be a recommendation for a Client to make the investments decisions.
  • The information that the Service and/or the Executor’s official site contain, is received by the Executor presumably, from the reliable sources, but the check of used data is not performed. In relation with that the Executor gives no guaranty that the information on the Service and/or on the official site of the Executor is correct.
  • The information that the Service and/or the Executor’s official site contain, cannot be performed, published or transferred neither in whole nor in any part of it, and no reference links are accepted or no quotes are allowed without a written consent from the Executor.
  • The Executor takes no responsibility on results of investments decisions, accepted by a Client on the basis of the information that is taken from the Service and/or the Executor’s official site and other files and/or any information received from the Executor to a Client. The decision about each settlement with stocks and/or any other financial tools is made by a Client independently.
  • The Client fully understands and agrees with the fact that the amount of the money for investments can be increased or decreased. The results of investments in the past including those that are based on the information that the Service and/or the Executor’s official site contains cannot define future income.

7. The Executor takes no responsibility on the losses that the Client bears under the following circumstances:

  • Unfulfillment and/or incorrect fulfilment of the obligations regarded by the present Offer, if such unfulfillment and/or incorrect fulfilment occurs as a result of failure (mistakes) in the work of site, software, any electronic system, the security system, virtual server in internet, troubles with equipment, computer system crashes, power electric networks or the system of electric connections;
  • Changes in stock market and financial market and/or in result of any investment risks realization;
  • The action/non-actions by issuer or his authorized persons including those that are not performed and/or performed later as regular payments and/or other obligations on the stocks;
  • The action/non-actions by professional investors in stock market, registrars, trade organizers and / or stock exchanges, as well as other third parties, including counterparties to transactions.

8. The Client understands and agrees to the terms mentioned in Item 5-7 of the present Offer and has no objections to these.

9. Exchange and transfer of documents and information.

The exchange and transfer of documents perform by e-mail and has an equal legal force. The documents sent by e-mail have the same force as written documents.

10. Amendments to the Offer, revoke of the Offer.

The executor has the right at any time change the terms of the Agreement unilaterally including but not restricted by the order of service provision, cost of service, providing at the same time the publication of altered terms of the Agreement on the Executor’s official site, not later than in 5 (five) working days before the mentioned amendments come into force.

The Executor has the right to revoke the present Offer in any time and this cannot be considered as the reason for the Executor to refuse from unfulfilled obligations by earlier concluded with Clients Agreements.

11. Personal data of the Client.

Joining to the Agreement the Client provides to the Executor the consent to personal data processing in order to fulfil the legislation of Russian Federation and/or the Agreement with the Client by the Executor.

The consent to personal data processing is signed by the Client on the Executor’s official site by ticking box with the following Client’s authorization by means of social network or by e-mail.

If the Client doesnot give a consent to personal data Agreement, he is obliged to leave the official site of the Executor immediately.

12. Filing claims. Dispute resolution.

All disputes and disagreements that can occur within the present Agreement are to be solved by the Parties in a form of negotiations.

Filing claims are necessary within the present Offer. The term for giving answer on a written claim – 30 (thirty) calendar days.

If disagreement or dispute cannot be solved by negotiations, the case is to come to trial in Primorskiy District Court in Saint-Petersburg.

The questions that are not regulated by this Agreement, are solving according to current legislation in Russian Federation.

13. Requisites and data of the Company:

TIN: 7805766979
BIN: 1207800077440
Address: 198216, Narodnogo Opolcheniya avenue, h. 10 A, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.
Payment acc.: 40702810310000675370
Bank: Tinkoff bank JSC, Moscow
BIC: 044525974
Correspondent acc.: 30101810145250000974