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A company's debt ratio, which indicates how long the company will need to run on cash flow in the past 12 months to pay off its own debt.

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Shows the efficiency of using the share capital by the company. In other words, ROE shows how much of the company's net profit for the invested capital over the last 12 months.

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About company Rosneft Oil

Public Joint Stock Company Rosneft Oil Company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration, development, production, and sale of crude oil and gas. The company produces oil in Western and Eastern Siberia, Volga-and Ural Regions, Far East, Timan-Pechora, Krasnodar Region, and the shelf of Russian seas, including Arctic shelf, as well as in Latin America; and has assets located in Russia and internationally comprising Venezuela, Cuba, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Norway, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt, Mozambique, Iraq, and Indonesia. It is also involved in producing petrochemicals, including ethylene, propylene, and polyethylene; base and industrial oils; motor and transmission oils for cars and trucks, buses, agricultural and special equipment, and railway and marine transport; special oils for the aviation industry; hydraulic, gear, turbine, compressor, transformer oils, etc.; coolants, softener oils, paraffins, etc.; and additives to fuels and oils. In addition, the company transports and exports crude oil through pipelines, and railway and mixed transportation; engages in the wholesale, retail, storage, and transportation and transshipment of petroleum products; and provides bunkering and aircraft refueling services, as well as bitumen products. Further, it operates a retail network of company-owned and leased filling stations; and provides survey and drilling services. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Moscow, Russia. Public Joint Stock Company Rosneft Oil Company was formerly a subsidiary of JSC ROSNEFTEGAZ.
Company name: Rosneft Oil
Issuer ticker: ROSN
Country: Russia
Exchange: MOEX
Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

On which stock exchange are Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks traded?

Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks are traded on MOEX.

What is the ticker of Rosneft Oil stocks (ROSN)?

The stock ticker of Rosneft Oil’s stocks or in other words, the code is ROSN. The stocks are currently listed on the MOEX exchange.

In which sector and industry does Rosneft Oil (ROSN) operate?

According to the GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) classification developed jointly by MSCI and Standard & Poor's, Rosneft Oil (ROSN) belongs to the «Energy» sector and the «Oil & Gas Exploration & Production» industry.

In what currency are Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks traded?

Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks are traded on the MOEX exchange in rubles.

What is the price of Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks today?

The current price of Rosneft Oil stocks on 26.02.2024 is 561.9 rubles. per share.

What is the dynamics of Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks from the beginning of the year?

Rosneft Oil (ROSN) quotes have increased by -6.36% from the beginning of the year up to 561.9 rubles. per 1 stocks.

How much did Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks increase in феврале 2024?

This month Rosneft Oil (ROSN) quotes have increased by -3.04% to 561.9 rubles. per share.

How much are Rosneft Oil (ROSN) stocks worth?

Today, on October, 26.02.2024 Rosneft Oil’s (ROSN) stocks cost 561.9 rubles..

What is the market capitalization of Rosneft Oil (ROSN)?

Capitalization is the market value of Rosneft Oil (ROSN) is calculated as the number of issued stocks multiplied on the current quotation price. Thus, on 26.02.2024, the market capitalization of Rosneft Oil (ROSN) is estimated at about 5338050000000 rubles.